Parks and Recreation

Dickinson County is a beautiful place to live. 除了拥有历史悠久的房屋和绿树成荫的街道的迷人社区, there is an abundance of parks, sports complexes, swimming pools, trails and outdoor spaces, perfect for families and those who enjoy outdoor recreation.

德怀特·艾森豪威尔总统博物馆和公园为居民创造了一个享受户外活动的中心区域. There is Little Ike Park where visitors can see an intricately designed statue of the youthful president and in Eisenhower Park there is a lovely rose garden, pool, fountain, skatepark, and sports facilities.

狂热的和休闲的高尔夫球手可以花一天的时间享受阳光和努力争取难以捉摸的一杆进洞,在县的三个高尔夫球场之一. In Chapman, the Indian Hills Golf Course is open to the public, beautiful, and also has a new clubhouse with a fitness center.

In the summer, the Central Kansas Free Fair is one not to miss. It is the largest in the state. 这个家庭友好的活动为所有年龄的人提供教育活动和娱乐, including the Wild Bill Hickok PRCA Rodeo, which has been frequently voted one of the top outdoor rodeos.